What Do You Do, Where Do You Go, The Day After #AlienDay?


Wild shit by talented fans ruled #AlienDay on Twitter. Here are some of my favorites.

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Colin Harker
Happy #AlienDay! I wrote a piece for FANGORIA.com on the way in which Scott’s Alien trilogy hearkens back to Frankenstein and the claustrophobic castles found in classic Gothic horror tales.

FANGORIA | It’s Alive! The Post-Human Gothic Horror Of ‘Alien’


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Andrew Work

Happy #AlienDay from the gargoyle at Paisley Abbey. #AlienDay2020
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Stan Winston School

HAPPY #AlienDay! Enjoy these behind the scenes photos about the making of #Aliens at #StanWinstonStudio.





I love seafood.
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3 Hours of Brian Eno’s Prophecy Theme from DUNE OST and BE THE WEIRDO YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD by Mlle Ghoul

Three hours sounds about right.

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For those who need one, a wonderful introduction: Mlle Ghoul, also known as The Ghoul Next Door, The Dark Sister, and S. Elizabeth, The Coolest Person On This Soulless Cinder We Call Earth.


Thank Satan for MAD MEN


Audience plays an episode of MAD MEN daily at three convenient time periods: 10am, 3pm, 7pm, all EST. It’s great. One episode a day is the anti-binge, and it helps to form order and structure when one has a ridiculous amount of free time.


The Exit Vector Kindle Edition Giveaway Expires TONIGHT at Midnight!

evebook_final_small copy

“There is still time, Sister.”



FICTION: EXIT VECTOR Free Kindle and Contest, Giveaway, More Free Shit…


Dreamed up a contest/incentive for the Free Kindle Edition of EXIT VECTOR! First person to pen a review on amazon/goodreads/anywhere will receive a personalized signed copy of the paperback! Which is very pretty. Brilliant!

Exit Vector Kindle Edition

This offer expires SUNDAY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT EST, and all that.



evebook_final_small copy

Mori Kim Marr’s personal force-field of drugs and drink has worn thin: she’s a burned-out teenager in a burned-out world, an Earth wracked by wars and rumors of wars, plagues and disasters, the hopelessness of every human heart. Mori couldn’t care less; just bring her the next fix, please. But when an artificial woman from the 19th Century and a boy with psionic powers wander into the smoke and squalor of Mori’s favorite watering hole, gore-drenched violence and city-wide destruction erupts, catapulting Mori and her new-found “friends” into the thick of a battle that began long ago, a war that has raged since before the dawn of civilization, a blood-feud fought and overseen by the sole-survivor of an ancient, pre-human race: Trista Ska Shearn, last of the Cantarans. Trista has been waiting 65,000 thousand years for this, the final battle; she has waited millennia for this glum, sallow teenager, Mori Kim Marr. For Mori is… the Exit Vector.

Kindle Edition FREE until Midnight Sunday 4/19!


Space Battleship Yamato 2202’s Sequel “2205: The New Voyage” Hits Theaters in Fall 2020


Well I’ll be damned; looks like they’re going all the way with remaking the entire series! I’m intensely curious, as I was less than 100% thrilled w/ 2202, even if they did accomplish the mind-numbing feat of combining both endings of Saraba Yamato and Yamato 2. We all know the original New Voyage served largely as a  prelude to Be Forever, so we’re looking at Yamato material for years to come… assuming we’re here to see it, that is…


From Crunchyroll:

Following the teaser announcement six months ago, the official website for the Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love anime series confirmed today that its sequel titled Space Battleship Yamato 2205: Aratanaru Tabidachi/The New Voyage is scheduled to be screened in Japanese theaters in the fall of 2020. As the title suggests, its story is set three years after 2202, and is expected to be produced as a remake of the 1979 TV special Space Battle Ship Yamato: Aratanaru Tabidachi/The New Voyage.

Shoji Nishizaki, an adapted son of the Yamato anime franchise’s original producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki, will serve as executive producer again. And Harutoshi Fukui, who worked on 2202 as series composition writer in place of the first series 2199’s director Yutaka Idebuchi, is confirmed to stay in the same position. Other staff members will be announced at a later date.




Stanley Kubrick | 2001 A Space Odyssey (1968) | Making of a Myth

Narrated by James Cameron.


A Nightly Livestream of the Northern Lights

via @laughingsquid

Sit back and watch the most magical light show the planet has to offer: the northern lights, or aurora borealis.


TREMENDOUS NEWS! S. Elizabeth publishes a book!


So proud of my ghoulfriend!

The Art of the Occult is a visual feast of eclectic artwork informed and inspired by spiritual beliefs, magical techniques, mythology and otherworldly experiences. 

Mystic and occult practices date back centuries, but why, after so much scientific progress, do we still chase the esoteric? Over the past two centuries, artists have been drawn to these unknown spheres and have created curious artworks that transcend time and place. From theosophy and kabbalah, to the zodiac and alchemy; spiritualism and ceremonial magic, to the elements and sacred geometryThe Art of the Occult will explore:

  • the symbolic and mythical images of the Pre-Raphaelites;
  • the automatic drawing of Hilma af Klint and Madge Gill;
  • Leonora Carrington‘s surrealist interpretation of myth, alchemy and kabbalah;
  • the theosophical practices of Mondrian and Kandinsky;
  • and contemporary tattoo artists inspired by sacred geometry.

Featuring prominent, marginalised and little-known artists, The Art of the Occultcrosses mystical spheres in a bid to inspire and delight. Divided into thematic chapters (The Cosmos, Higher Beings, Practitioners), the book acts as a light introduction to the art of mysticism – with short chapter introductions examining each practice, followed by a series of carefully curated artworks, supported by explanatory captions.The art of the occult has always existed in the margins but inspired the masses, and this book will spark curiosity in all fans of magic, mysticism and the mysterious.

The author

S. Elizabeth (aka Mlle Ghoul) is a Florida-based writer and blogger specialising in art, the macabre and the supernatural. She has written for ‘Coilhouse’, ‘Dirge’ and ‘Death and the Maiden Blog’ and is now staff writer at ‘Haute Macabre’. S. Elizabeth was also the co-creator of The Occult Activity Book (vol 1 and 2) and runs two successful blogs: Ghoul Next Door (ghoulnextdoor.tumblr.com) and These Unquiet Things (unquietthings.com).


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