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The Day in Pictures

Credits for everything can be easily provided if anyone wants. But I kind of like it like this. Mysterious. Carry on.


HEXES the sunday spectra illustration

HEXES The Final Hex Cover Reveal


Featuring an original illustration by Maxim Peter Griffin, one of three stellar artists to be profiled in THE FINAL HEX, this cover has been generating many “Oooohs” and “Aaaahs” by all who have seen it. We are pleased. We are gathering steam. Soon, True Believers.


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Supergirl in Bondage (a photo essay by yours truly) NSFW

I know. Today was Wonder Woman Day. And this was by far the most charming photo:


BUT THEN! I was accused of a crime I didn’t commit! It was awful! Stupid bathroom bs in my stupid boardinghouse! The landlord looked like this, the late (and mightily missed) DENIS JOHNSON:


(God, Denis. I can’t believe you’re gone. I wish we’d met, I wish we’d shared a smoke and a drink at 9am and talked about god.)

So anyway.

I was so outraged! I was furious! Accused of something I did not commit! First World Problem: so many men in prison are currently incarcerated for crimes they did not commit! So I stormed around, grimacing, making fists, sneering at the sky (like a Michael Moorcock hero), until I realized…

I needed to tie up my super-powered girlfriends.


All of my girlfriends had super powers. All of them. Why else would I have been with them? Because they had powers that dazzled me.

My ex-wife, for example, is a 4th degree Black Belt. Karate. Our second night together? She put on black tights, barefoot, and slashed around her (very small) kitchen, cutting the air w/ Sais like fucking Elektra, and I was like OH MY FUCKING CHRIST I’M GOING TO MARRY THIS GIRL.

I did. We got married. She had super powers. ‘Nuff said.

My sisters had super powers. My mother had super powers. Every woman I’ve ever been attracted to has had super powers.

So, like a dope, like a complete weakling—I needed to bind the pretty sexy girls I liked and wanted and needed, I needed to tie her up


I didn’t realize this until later—way later. She was so powerful. Bronze bare skin my hand ached to touch, like an exploding sun.


She will wake, she will rise, she will break free. (And I’ll probably be wicked embarrassed by this post tomorrow, but fuck it. I love my super-powered girlfriends.)


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Maxim Peter Griffin: Illustration and Psychedelia from Old Weird Albion


Zardoz, 2014

Maximus Mhrif (as his friends and familiars know him) is a veritable mage of the page, a wanderer through crags and moors and ruins armed with pen and pencils and a third eye, applying colors with a magisterial splash to seal the spell and dazzle his legion of followers, a growing phalanx that I count myself to lucky to fall-in with. I would march in Maxim Peter Griffin’s army even if he weren’t the exclusive designer of my avatars on twitter for two years running, but more on that in a bit. I want to share the subtle power of Griffin’s drawings. They fall somewhere between the unflinching incision of the woodcut and the inspired eerie craft of the automatic scrawl, as if the wind and the mountains and the witches of old unerringly guide his hand. Over the top verbiage, you say? Perhaps. In any event, the drawings speak for themselves.

 Edge of the Place

Edge of the Place




Broad of Lincolnshire


Lucy 1


Drax Avatar 1 


Drax Avatar 2


Drax Avatar 3 (Onibaba)


Drax Avatar 4


Drax Avatar 5 (full)


Drax Avatar 5 (crop, final and current)

Amazing work, isn’t it? And we’re not just talking about the avatars, cool though they be—Maxim Peter Griffin’s strokes of pen and brush strike an elemental response rarely seen or felt. The good news is he works every day, producing wonders that you can see and share. Follow him on twitter and his site. Tell him Satan Drax The Wind sent you, and he will respond with wonder.