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Y1AT (Year One After Tom)

We’d wager that a lot of people are thinking about Tom Flynn.

YouTube videos make for a poor seánce—we know, we apologize.

Still, we do what we can. So smoke it if you’ve got it, drink deep if you are so inclined, turn off the lights and pump up the volume. It’s Movie Night, somewhere. Out there. In The Tom Zone.

And we seem to have hit some sort of cap as to the number of videos YouTube will allow us to embed. Bummer! On deck were THE TRAIN, THE GREAT ESCAPE, and THE TERMINATOR. Ah well. The smoke swirls still, the spirits hover. They will always be there. So carry on, DoomFuckers.


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Dear Joe 2: 11/26/20, Sleepless @ 2am and for Comfort We Reach for…

Barton Fink. Because self-pitying failed writers need kicks, too.

And then we throw the damn bird in the oven. Happy Thanksgiving!


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Dear Joe 1: 11/15/20, Thunderstorm, We ARE Watching The Screens!

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Dear Joe,

I just added these flicks to my watchlist! Just now! Let’s see, we have: SEVEN (7) absolute comforts that can be played anytime (or be listened to, say, at The Lab) and they are Highlander, both Nosferati, Busan, Trilogy, Night, and The Church; ONE (1) Film from the 80s with a serious rep that I never bothered to see, Gods; ONE (1) that deserves a no-bullshit, all eyes front rewatch, Inception; TWO (2) stone-cold strangers that, uh, yeah sure, we’ll give them an optimistic watch! And they are Agora (maybe Rachel Weisz, as an Egyptian Princess under cruel Roman Occupation, has a really big strange cat, and Stonehearst Asylum because what the Hell, we like Kate Beckinsale. No really. And it is an asylum story! Which brings us to…

The Ninth Configuration.

So, let’s see. It’s on the SHOUT! label. Doesn’t SHOUT! cull its shit from various catalogues? So there’s a chance, unlikely, but still a very remote chance, that out of all the recuts and edits and its goddamn various incarnations as TWINKLE TWINKLE KILLER KANE, that somehow this could be a copy of the original cut.

Highly unlikely. Last we read anything on the matter, it was largely accepted that the original cut is gone forever. Thank you Mister Blatty.

Which is really too damn bad, Joe. Because I saw this movie on its original release—on a night like tonight, rain and wind, except it was day, and I was fifteen, skipping school, and my weird older sister drove us to New Hampshire in a town by the ocean, and seeing 9th was one of the greatest film experiences of my life.

But Joe, but! And this is important! Even if the original cut somehow surfaced, it would not alter the fact that for all its imagination and flair and moood, The 9th Configuration is a pretty weak movie, clumsy, at times embarrassingly inept. Which is so weird, given that super-rich and first time director Blatty had extensive prior exposure to the film industry, such as the Pink Panther movies and his involvement on The Exorcist. Obviously Blatty realized his film was flawed, and hence the endless tinkering and re-tinkering.

So there we are. A beloved imperfect final result, still a comfort.

Will report back on the newcomers. We’ll talk again soon, Joe. We’ll keep watching the screens!




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August ii (The Creep’s Scrapbook, Good Evening Misfits)


I always loved this panel, ever since I was a child. Really. I was like, eight. I had a 33rpm audio version of the FF’s 1st issue, and it contained a hard copy reprint. Does anyone else remember this? After I post this (dark) August installment, I will track it down…


Zappa and King Kirby.

Akira Kurosawa on the set of ‘Kagemusha’ (1980)

Kurosawa on the set of KEGEMUSHA 1980.

David Lynch & Isabella Rossellini (Helmut Newton, 1988)

David Lynch & Isabella Rossellini (Helmut Newton, 1988)


The Japanese Goths will have their revenge…

More to come.

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The Fisher King: “Forgive Me.”


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BLACK SUNDAY | Mario Bava | Happy Halloween




Don’t mess with Barbara Steel. She has Satan on her side.