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Good Afternoon Survivors // Kick Ass FRANKENSTEIN Poster by Anthony Petrie



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In Happier News, the Summer Issue of VIDEOSCOPE is Here!


Question: Who fucks with The Phantom of the Movies?


Answer: Nobody fucks with The Phantom of the Movies.





A New Novel from Joe Kane, VIDEOSCOPE’s The Phantom of the Movies


Set in the American Heartland of 1927, The Saga of Six-Finger Pike follows the phenomenal but danger-fraught fortunes of Ezra Pike, an unschooled teenage farmboy whose double thumbs enable him to throw a nearly unhittable pitch and take the baseball world by storm as star hurler of the Midland Midlanders, the mighty New York Yankees’ Double-A club. Does diamond immortality loom on the horizon? Or do fate—and a bigger-than-life barnstorming Babe Ruth—have other plans in store? 

John R. Tunis meets David Lynch in The Twilight Zone in this swiftly paced seriocomic baseball novel, where rules are made to be broken. 

As The Phantom of the Movies®, Joe Kane covered the genre-movie beat for The New York Daily News and authored the books The Phantom’s Ultimate Video Guide (Dell), The Phantom of the Movies’ VideoScope (Three Rivers Press) and Night of the Living Dead (Kensington). He has published the national magazine The Phantom of the Movies’ VideoScope since 1993. His fiction and non-fiction have appeared in Maxim, Penthouse, High Times, The Monster Times, The Village Voice and numerous other publications. He is also the author of Baseball’s Dream Team (Ace Books). 

Drax says: “Buy it!” amazon


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Rejoice, Children of the Golden Dawn: LOVE IS THE LAW!


And it’s been a long time coming!

In 1989, punk-rock girl “Golden” Dawn has crafted an outsider’s life combining the philosophies of Communism and Aleister Crowley’s black magic. One fateful day she finds the dead body of her mentor in both politics and magick shot in the head, seemingly a suicide. But Dawn knows there’s more going on than the Long Island cops could ever hope to uncover. In setting out to find the murderer herself, she will encounter dark and twisted truths for which no book, study, or basement show could have prepared her. Award-winning prose author Nick Mamatas crafts a raw, hilarious, original mystery!


But where Mamatas especially shines is in the integrity of his themes. What seems at first to be a random patchwork coalesces into a grand, mad pattern — nothing less than the secret history of the modern world, one that feels far less absurd given the vicissitudes of history over the past 25 years. Dozens of concepts are tossed into the mix — Satanism, Trotskyism, Objectivism, Women’s Liberation, Glasnost — but they’re viewed through the cold, cruel eyes of Dawn, who treats the whole of 20th century thought as a corpse to be dissected.

Accordingly, Mamatas makes a Frankenstein’s monster out of the detritus of the modern age, a shambolic free-for-all of esoterica — from sex magic to the films of Maya Deren — that recalls the comics of Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. Some of the scenes even take place in a comic shop. But Love Is the Law never dips into cartoonishness, even when the going gets outlandish — up to and including basement concerts by a ritualistic, avant-garde band called Abyssal Eyeballs. (The band members don’t dress up as giant, unblinking orbs, and the name is explained as a Nietzsche reference, but the allusion to The Residents doesn’t feel like an accident.)

— Jason Heller

Nick Mamatas at Worldcon — A Discussion of Sorts

Audio! Mamatas, Son of Greek Gods, Speaks in Real Sound Waves About About His New Book!



I truly hope that this is the book that pushes Nick Mamatas through the infuriating roof that separates semi-obscure “cult writers” into the realm of popular recognition and success. He deserves it; he’s such a good writer.

In January of this year I was lucky enough to attend a reading of Nick’s. I asked him, Does Harlan Ellison know about you, does Harlan know about your work? I asked this because I believe Nick Mamatas is a “child” of Harlan Ellison, obviously influenced by him and possibly (probably) his successor. Nick seemed a little befuddled by my question; he didn’t need Harlan’s recognition. But that wasn’t the point of my question.

Nick Mamatas is easily, far and away, a better writer than Harlan Ellison.

Behold this excerpt from LOVE IS THE LAW:

Boris Yeltsin, a capitalist alcoholic, climbed one of the tanks and gave a stirring speech. Like magick, the troops change sides. The girls go wild, hooting and pumping their fists. They’re in fucking prison in capitalist America, and they still believe every stupid lie about freedom the television tells them. I give myself a gold star for my accurate forecast. Maybe later, when the CO turns the TV off for the night, they’ll go back to their gang formations and to their grand hobby of broomhandle sex to pass the time. That night, to the echo of someone’s orgasmic screaming, I look up in the ceiling and think about how useless it is to be correct sometimes. It’s so difficult to do the right thing, even when you can sense the spirit of the age, even when you believe you know where the waters of history will flow.

But then I think of my father’s face and realize that the red smear across the boiled bones of his skull was the last thing I was ever sure of.

Ladies, boys, and robots, LOVE IS THE LAW is available now.


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“Alas Vegas,” Stunning Tarot illustrations by John Coulthart for a Vegas-themed role-playing game





Now, I think John Coulthart walks on water, okay? Brilliant designer, outstanding draftsman, super-swell generous guy into wicked nifty stuff, etc. But I have to admit when he mentioned a few months ago that he was working on a Tarot project, my blood didn’t boil with enthusiasm; it didn’t even simmer. What’s he going to bring to the Tarot table? thought I, because I am a warped frustrated old man, bitter about the power I used to wield with the deck, long fled, long gone. Well. Then I saw John’s designs for the 21 Trumps and the exclamation Holy shit my eyes are melting was woefully inadequate, as you can see from the samples above. John’s imagination and invention has never been stronger than what’s currently on display at his site and I am low and craven cur for ever doubting him.



Kristine Barrett — Eulogies — plus New Work


Kristine Barrett wrote: As the album’s title suggests, Eulogies is a series of farewells and celebrations; endings followed by beginnings: death and birth. Often we understand the value and weight of a thing by witnessing its passing or transformation. And in some cases, the passing is an opportunity for liberation from ideas/beings that have been oppressive; in others, it can be an awakening to the love of a thing we never truly appreciated. In turn, by eulogizing what has passed, its essence becomes integrated with our own. We internalize it and are thus transformed ourselves.

Listeners can offer Kristine what they wish for Eulogies at BANDCAMP.

New Work is also coming, soon:


An otherworldly collection of new and ancient songs from around the world. 

The full length album will be available mid April 2013. 

“There is a place I go to in the Marin Headlands where I remember things from another life. I am filled with joy and homesickness for a place, for a body I have not known for these thousand years. When I look to the sea, it is the same. I am homesick. 

We are born. With our breath, the spirits of air and of place drift through our transient bodies. Ancestors and memory course through our veins, taking up residence in the very marrow of our animal being. Spirit accumulates over the course of our lives. It surrounds us: the waters, the trees, a forest, a spider, a hill. We move between worlds. 

The impetus of this album began out of grief. I was deeply and fundamentally broken. I was stripped and gutted. It was enough to eat and to sleep. One night I found myself begging the universe, god, goddess, anything to give me rest. I was visited by a luminous woman. She touched my chest, and I could see into my inmost being. From the darkness of that gaping hole immerged a flower. It was illuminated. As it bloomed it became more radiant, luminous, beautiful. It became a music in my body. Out of the depths of my grief sprang the depths of my love. 

The spirits that sang to me in the night reside in this music.”

Music written & arranged by Kristine Barrett



VideoScope #85, Winter Goth + Noir Edition


At better bookstores everywhere or direct from the source.



Mamatas – Keene – KGB – NYC – 1/16


Of course I’m going. Details here.