The Wicker Dalek is DEAD!

Ebury Books very thoughtfully said “No thank you,” to The Wicker Dalek, today. Obviously, not a shocking outcome. Will post some thoughts about the whole project and give it a good but brief send-off, soon. Dealing w/ other bullshit at the moment. “Nothing that can’t be handled.” Back soon.


November 23: Happy Birthday, Doctor

“48” is of course better than “900+…”

All pics stolen from Mtimes.


In other news…

…surprising forward movement on Wicker Dalek! Today, yes. On the day of action, how bout that. Since mid-afternoon I’ve been storming around hissing “Finally!” and “About friggin’ time!” but really, once I calmed down I realized, hey, we skipped a step. We are now with editorial. At least, we are now, once I removed all the curses and stupid American slang and such, and after I jotted together a Who-centric Drax bio, which is actually quite poignant in its…. 92 words. On this day of action. oh man. I need food. And I still have to take my daughter to the midnight premiere of that FUCKING KISSY POO VAMPIRE MOVIE…

Ah. So let’s all enjoy the Wicker Dalek Mix again. Because it’s “so good.”


Mixes from the Dungeon (i)

Yes, I know: This week’s return of HEXES featured no less than three (3) exquisite mixes. But these are mixes that I myself assembled during the Main Site’s period of darkness, and I have been told they are not half bad.

The Wicker Dalek Mix

(Yeah, it officially became “The Wicker Dalek” sometime over the summer.)

Twelve tracks including music by Agalloch, Epica, and Kemper Norton. electronic ambient doom metal doctor who



Pagan Dalek Update: Good News

Spoke with agent today. All systems go. He’s going to go do his thing, whilst I go do my thing. This conversation with my agent and the upshot of said conversation was a pretty crucial hurdle for me to clear; it’s going to make a huge difference for my mindset and the maintaining of my stamina for this project. No, we have not been given clearance for takeoff, not yet, but at least everybody’s on board the damn plane. More later.

[Happy evil face.]


Yes, Good + No, Bad

Yes, good.

No, bad.

Hollywood Reporter via John Coulthart

“Just kill me,” etcetera. That is all.


Pagan Dalek, Notes + Discourse + Diarrhein

THE PAGAN DALEK LIBRARY is almost there. Still waiting on the Brain of Morbius novelization to arrive in the mail. It was something of a relief breezing through the Dicks after clunking through the Hinchcliffe (he wrote with a straight face). Hutton’s great; want to devour Triumph of the Moon for pure pleasure, but I have to really plow through Pagan, come back for a second pass with careful attention to the proper bits, then really get to goddamn work. I have a deadline in mind, and I’m waiting on a few crucial conversations (with my parole officer, my priest, and my therapist) before I can give this pagan-dalek-thing a total full bore attack, but this pagan-dalek-thing is going to happen one way or the other, even if it’s a fucking glorified blog fucking post.

Anyway, I look forward to this little book. It would be nice to listen to the audio book, too. Read by Baker.

Oh, Sarah. My Sarah Jane.

Allright, enough of that. What else. Will be working on tomorrow’s Hexes all night. It’s going to be “amazing.” Here’s screenshot from an earlier work gallery.



Pagan Dalek Dispatch…

“…or is it… THE WICKER DALEK, now?”

I sincerely hope not. I sincerely doubt it. As a title it might be cooler, and the immediate/associative “grab” would be more immediate (as well as definitive), but it would really change everything I’ve built and everything I like about the story I want to tell, it would twist the actual whole historical wicker into total whackiness, and one of the things I like about the story I’ve built is that it really would not get anything grievously wrong or offensive that might upset my genuinely pagan no bullshit friends and—

I really should not drool things like this.

But I never promised you a goddamn box of chocolates.


PS: It will not be THE WICKER DALEK.

PPS: Anybody have the Starlog interview with Lis Sladen from the early 8o’s? 82-83? Thanks.

PPPS: PAGAN DALEK is one week old today. It’s not done yet.

HEXES the sunday spectra 5/1/11

Nymph by John William Waterhouse

†  †  †


Pagan sounds from the underground

Playlist for 05/01/11

[direct download]
[subscribe via iTunes]
[podcast feed]

Anima Animus Animal – Beh Amara (Be Deathless)
School of Seven Bells – Midnight Sun
The Hare and the Moon – The Willows
Arborea – Black is the Colour
Magnet – Fire Leap
The Fates – The Song of the Fates
Grouper – Alien Observer
Sharron Kraus & Friends – May Song
The Moon and The Nightspirit – Tucskok Az Avarban
Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud – Where Earth Meets Sea
BeMyDelay – To The Other Side

You can also listen to this show on the Pagan Radio Network!

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Explore more of the incomprable LAU and

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Annalee Newitz: “One of the twentieth century’s greatest science fiction authors, Joanna Russ, died peacefully this morning after suffering a series of strokes. Controversial, political, poetic, and full of crazy action, Russ’ work has seduced and troubled readers for decades.”

“When she wasn’t writing speculative fiction, Russ also wrote essays about feminism and literature, many of which have been collected in books like To Write Like A Woman and How to Suppress Women’s Writing. I’m particularly fond of her semi-autobiographical novella On Strike Against God, one of the only pieces of fiction she wrote in a straightforward narrative style and set on contemporary Earth. It’s about a woman discovering what it’s like to fall in love with another woman, and it’s a terrifically fun but bittersweet romance that reminds me of Michele Tea’s classic Valencia.”

Read more at io9

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It’s a new mix by our favorite hex and shuffle and mix mistress, but what is it? Is it, Music for witchlings? Spooky dream pop? Wyrd forest folk? Or perhaps, lo-fi ghost rock? Whatever it is, we like it, we like it very much.

Image © Ellen Rogers

Track Listing

Rosemary, Lane Espers | The Woods, St. Mary’s | Son of the Moon, Daughter of the Sun, Arborea | Dandelion Wine, Rusalnaia | The Poisoner Fern, Knight | Black Earth, Spires That In The Sunset Rise | Eumenides, Esben and the Witch | Before Lately, Cheyenne Marie Mize | The Gypsies Came Marching After, White Magic | Santa Compana Ordo, Funebris | Tiny Seeds Nina Violet | Sigurdlied, Faun | Drinking Wine In Yarrow, Fursaxa | Heart of Clay, Laura Jorgensen | Wheat Fields, Korouva | Alien Observer, Grouper | The Shadow of Eden, Backworld |


†  †  †


Jay Lake: “Yesterday I went over to Sea Tramp Tattoo here in SE Portland and marked my cancer experience permanently on my body in symbols of my own choosing. This is to contrast with the surgical traces across my abdomen and chest. [info]kenscholes came with, as did [info]mlerules. Being who we are, we brought cameras.”

More at Jay’s site

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…everyone’s stiff and tired, but happy. (photo/parkville5)

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The prologue for PAGAN DALEK

— will appear in this space before the witching hour, tonight —

Have no fear, you’ll know.

Edit, ten hours later:

No prologue or even a sketch of a prologue coming in time to hold the calender date today, but I rec’d something almost better, and am pretty surprised and pleased. See following post. And the prologue—which will definitely be in the form of a sketch—will be a stand alone post, soon. Happy May Day, everybody. And thanks for all the enthusiastic support from various ghoulish corners.


Saturday, and What I’m Reading

And the cat box. Don’t forget the fucking cat box. Please, god.

Also, What I’ve Read:

It is with heavy heart that Doktor Drax gives a failing grade to The Final Dream by Daniel Pearlman.


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