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August ii (The Creep’s Scrapbook, Good Evening Misfits)


I always loved this panel, ever since I was a child. Really. I was like, eight. I had a 33rpm audio version of the FF’s 1st issue, and it contained a hard copy reprint. Does anyone else remember this? After I post this (dark) August installment, I will track it down…


Zappa and King Kirby.

Akira Kurosawa on the set of ‘Kagemusha’ (1980)

Kurosawa on the set of KEGEMUSHA 1980.

David Lynch & Isabella Rossellini (Helmut Newton, 1988)

David Lynch & Isabella Rossellini (Helmut Newton, 1988)


The Japanese Goths will have their revenge…

More to come.

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August (good evening doomtroopers)

Brush Fire


Yes it’s August, and yes it’s hot. The Moon bloomed but now fades, the West Coast is on fire, Breonna Taylor’s killers are still walking around, and the universe just ended for a mother and a stepfather in Wilson, North Carolina…

Pausing here. More to come. Tonight. If I’m not writing, not designing, jesus, I might as well blog. You know, for my legion of fans. More on August, and more of red hot Fi, above, soon.

† † †

And I am back. But not for long. Because I’m starving to death. so, quickly, Red Hot and Glorious Fi.





Credits: Fi Stevens, her photo © Restrained Elegance, burning hills © Getty / Tyson Paul, Moon © Grayson Hall. Assembled by The Creep.

More to come.

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Good Afternoon Survivors // Sorry Stella Immanuel MD, “Demon Semen” is © Simon Drax // New Wyrd Daze // More (Maybe)

From two days ago, when her shit hit the fan.

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 4.53.04 PM

Damn! Dunno about facebook, but she’s up and, um, PREACHING on twitter. Brave masochistic souls may follow the epic flame-out to come here. I’ll be there. Oh yes. Maybe I’ll offer her guidance! That’s probably a very bad idea. I’ll just sit and listen. Will report back. PS: Am I evil?

† † †


Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 6.05.52 PM


Leigh Wright and crew have done it again! The new issue is great, featuring HOOKLAND and MARIA STRUTZ.  Get it here. PDF version recommended.

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 6.30.06 PM


† † †


Maybe later, well see. Right now I’m melting at my desk. 91° in the Drax Chamber. First world problems. I have a toilet. And running water.



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Because We All Need a Laugh…


via @monicabyrne13 on twitter.

Sorry for the spotty service. Just busy, and tired/lazy upon return from the day job. Growing old ain’t for wimps!

Some recent video picks. First, and to be filed under “Films I knew About But Never Actually Saw,” the few that rated our very effusive thumbs up…


Kronos was great fun, an early 70s pop occult masterpiece. One of the last gasps of Hammer. Yes it’s goofy but not obnoxiously so. Also, CAROLINE MUNRO. Highly recommended.


Our education of John Ford continues. What an incredible film experience, and we watched it on our damn iPhone, my god. Yes we were surprised by the tacked-on rah-rah bit at the end, which comes close to crippling an otherwise flawless movie, but fuck it, it was 1940, people needed that shit. Ma Toad’s speech at the end isn’t one of consolation, certainly not self-congratulation, but a goddamn cry to battle, to keep on. Anyway. Thumbs up.

Some not so wonderful films, which we simply didn’t like or turned off include Barbarella, Frankenstein and the Creature from Hell, Count Dracula, um, others.

We really don’t know what to think about HUNTERS.


Is it supposed to be funny and cool yet taken seriously? It’s failing on all three injectors. We will give it one more shot (ep3), but HUNTERS is on thin ice. Just like all of us!

RIP John Saxon

John Saxon and Bruce Lee

Somebody beat us to it, and we’re paraphrasing, “Saxon’s eyebrows were often the best thing in many bad movies.” Thinking of lost friends today.

All for now. Be good, stay safe.


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Good Evening Misfits // The Creep’s Picks for This Terrific Week


via @lancehenriksen. ALIENS opened today, July 18, 1986. We were there!


via @RealSardonicus


via @AventuraObscura. Gigan and his handler.


“Benjamin” Somebody (we tried to find proper credit). Via Pinterest. Thor faces the Midgard Serpent.


Japanese Exorcist Poster

via @DoctorWynn and @WilliamFriedkin


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Good Evening Misfits // Happy Friday // Trump Reports He Aced His Cognitive Test // Hilarity Ensues and the Tears of Sorrow Flow

Sarah Cooper. God, she’s amazing.

Happy Friday, kids. #StaySafe #BlackLivesMatter #WearAfuckingMask and keep up the fight.


Hello, Beautiful

Good Evening Misfits // HELLO BEAUTIFUL // Happy Gloomy 4th

Full Moon From ISS

Full Moon from The International Space Station. ©NASA / Jeff Williams




Good Evening Misfits // “Resist or Perish”

America first_V

“You understand? For victory. Tell your friends.” — V, 1983, Kenneth Johnson


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GOOD EVENING MISFITS // Holy Shit, We Haven’t Posted for a Week // Ain’t Life Grand // Nick Mamatas // ALIEN Shorts // The Creep’s Rather Shameless Pic of the Week // But First…


Anato Finnstark

It’s called Imago, Third Part, but I’ve decided this painting is about the birth/emergence of a soul. That, or possibly a promo for GHOST RIDER: GOTHIC from Marvel fucking Comics. Which is not a thing. But perhaps it should be.

Related Images…


Source unknown


Artist: Mahlon Blaine

† † †

Ain’t Life Grand?

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 9.48.35 AMScreen Shot 2020-06-28 at 2.21.28 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-28 at 2.20.37 PM

But you know. Troopers. Life CAN be grand. I firmly believe we are all participants in a major change for this country. Something seismic and long overdue. Look at this photo.

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 2.57.13 PM

Tiana Day, 17, of San Ramon, Calif., led a march across the Golden Gate Bridge. John G Mabanglo/EPA, via Shutterstock

Look at her. That’s Gloriana Blitz, baby. Seventeen fucking years old. The world she’s about to inherit is in pretty rough shape, mate. I don’t need to find the pictures, we’re seeing it all the time every day: the pandemic, the televised execution of George Floyd, the righteous cry of ENOUGH, The Black Lives Matter Movement, the daily idiocy of the Walking-Catastrophy-in-Chief… and the insistence on hate. Man, some people love their hate. And I think a lot of them are perfectly willing to die to defend their right to hate. Young Tiana Day and friends have much to do.

We all have much to do.

There’s more to come. Personal shit and the like. But for right now…

† † †


Nick Mamatas’ MOVE UNDER GROUND Reissued!


“Can’t say I’m crazy about the paint job…” — Robert Neville, The Omega Man. But never mind that! “The instant cult classic MOVE UNDER GROUND is back! Kerouac, Lovecraft, more!”

“Readers will be enthralled, chilled, and astonished.” — Tom Piccirilli, author of A Choir of Ill Children

Signed copies: Books Inc.

† † †


I guess these have been around for a while. I enjoyed them for the first time the other day. They’re excellent! Some rough spots. Obviously these 3 share a common lineage and financial parenthood. I should investigate, but I’m too lazy. Enjoy!

Which brings us to…

The Creep in the Art Department’s Pic of the Week


Devin Williams Photography

Um, The Creep says “the usual hate mail can be addressed to the same useless black box, lodged as it is with several thousand gobs of spam, unmet desires, stale dreams, nicotine, and beloved books nobody reads.”

All for now, Troopers. Carry on.


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GOOD EVENING MISFITS // Father’s Day // The Expanse // Sad Trump

From yesterday:

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 8.40.28 PM

Boy, I was in a good mood. I had good reason, my Father’s Day was splendid, very chill. Which was badly needed. Had a long conversation with my beloved kids—whom I have not seen since November—and they really made me proud with their passion and sense of purpose. We talked about everything for over 90 minutes. Best present ever.


My kids also sent me a book.


There was a midday live concert from Jean-Michel Jarre. All new material. Great stuff.

I’d splurged 2 bucks for a week of Evil Amazon Prime, enabling me to watch all of THE EXPANSE Season 4. It was good! I’d heard rumblings from fans that the season was something of a non-starter, that the big arc was moved only a bit further along. That may be so, but it was 10 high-octane, well-built episodes. The characters were cornered into brutal situations that would make my beloved teeny-bopper Doomtroopers shit their pants, frankly. 4 and a half stars!


And, SAD TRUMP. Yes, I watched The-Annihilator-in-Chief’s sad, narcissistic, at times bizarre speech to his meager followers in Tulsa on Saturday, and so we were all “delighted” to mock him alighting from Marine One after his disastrous rally. Clever kids gave the video all kinds of tunes. Let’s see if I can find a good one…

Ha ha ha, I missed this one. It’s the end credit music the of 1970s Incredible Hulk TV show. Real tearjerker.

And so on.

Be well, mein kinder.