1st Edition | Trade paper

Signed Copies of A Very Fast Descent into Hell

5.25 x 8, matte finish, 256 pages $10 per copy (includes S & H)

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eBook Edition

It is the end of all days, the end of everything. It is the end of the world. 

From the fire-bombing of Dresden in 1945 to the apocalyptic nightmare of the 21st Century, the demon Daruis Kane is charged with delivering a chilling message and death-sentence to Phelan, the Hollow Priest. Darius must survive horrific trials and powerful foes, and in doing so he uncovers a decades-old secret and harrowing truths: the quest for immortality is a flame that never dies, and hell hath no greater fury than a love spurned.

Harkening to the fantastic realms of CS Lewis and Michael Moorcock, Simon Drax has spun a tale for all our tomorrows and all our yesterdays, offering finally one lone weapon against the gaping maw of oblivion: “The country of memory is the country of hope.”

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The War is over. Earth has lost. Haunted superbabe Gloriana Blitz leads a gang of foul-mouthed Army brats aboard a nuclear submarine in their battle against all-powerful alien invaders that have devastated the planet. DOOMTROOPERS is an action-driven pastiche of anime, manga, and American comic books.

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